Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage are quickly becoming popular because of the extra benefits that is offered such as: extra days in the hospital, cheap out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits and low cost prescriptions.

These plans are offered throughout the United States through private insurers. Part A and Part B of Medicare is required to join the plan and Medicare's Part B premium must be paid by the Medicare recipient in order to enroll. Private insurers offer policies that have varying co-payments and premiums that may start as low as $0.00 per month.

A Medicare Private Fee for Service or (PFFS) Advantage Plan is exploding with members because it allows the Medicare recipient to visit any doctor in any hospital in the United States. The Medicare PFFS Advantage Plan is the current superior value versus the traditional Medicare Supplement Plans for most people.

The Health Maintenance Organization or HMO Advantage Plan continues to be a favorite for those who desire minimal out-of-pocket expenses and extremely low monthly premiums.

Medicare Advantage in a nutshell:

Important: You may only be able to buy Medicare Advantage plans that have prescription drug benefits within 6 months from the first date of Medicare Part B. After 6 months, your choice of plans may be limited.

What You Need to Enroll for Medicare Advantage

You will need your Primary Care Physician's name and ID number to enroll. To find this information, you will need to call your primary care physician.

You will also need information found on your Medicare card (example shown below):
Medicare Claim Number
Hospital (Part A) Effective Date
Medical (Part B) Effective Date

Medicare ID Card

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